wilde_americaCreativity is a universal talent. Everyone is born creative, although the degree of specific talent might vary from individual to individual. Just watch children play – they are uninhibited about their imagination and expression, and, most of all, have fun with what they do. In complex times such as now we are in dire need for creative and ingenious solutions to wicked problems.

Today, more than ever, needs creative imagination and passion. The writer Tom Robbins once said, “It is never too late to have a happy childhood”. It is also never late to be passionate about being creative. Benjamin Franklin said that “our whole life is but a greater and longer childhood.” So what are some of the qualities you find in people who manage to maintain this universal talent which many adults left behind in their childhood?

  1. FLEXIBLE MIND: When someone is constantly fixated within the already existing boundaries of things in the face of situations requiring solution or change, there will most likely be no way out of trouble. Imagine. Dream. Don’t circle around in the same track. Jump off the track and think outside of the box. Work hard to make brilliant ideas reality.
  2. EMBRACE CHAOS: Creativity thrives in messy surroundings. People working in creative fields often live and work in seemingly chaotic homes and studios. But don’t be fooled. What might look unruly and dishevelled to visitors actually are treasure troves of inspiration. For creative people, chaos is just another word for creative order.
  3. KNOW YOUR PERSONAL STRENGTHS: Knowing one’s ego and talent sets you apart from others. Outstanding creative people throughout history always had a strong inner drive to externalize their visions. But having a self-conscious ego does not mean being arrogant and impolite to others. A great talent transcends into a beautiful reality when it is combined with character.
  4. REAL MOTIVATION COMES FROM WITHIN: Ask someone who is in a creative job why he/she is doing it. They will most likely say it is because they like to do what they do. Psychologists call it “intrinsic motivation.” Creative people have a innate compulsion to create. They cannot help keep generating new ideas, experimenting with new forms, making drawings and building models, and having the irresistible desire to see their vision and inventions realized and presented to the world. A reward for the work one does is sweet. But without creative motivation and hard work, how can there be a reward?
  5. HAVE FUN: Being creative is fun. The whole creative process from ideation and conceptualization to implementation is an immersive experience. Human beings are by nature made to play. Creative people like to mix work and pleasure. There is no question that people who enjoy their work also are much more creative, thus, perform far better than those who are doing their job because they are forced to work.


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