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Posts published in October 2006

Cameron Jamie’s Drawing

Cameron Jamie: Suburban Apocalypse as Theater
 David Bowie said he decided to become a rock star in order to leave his native suburban neighborhood. Matt Groening became a cartoon star by turning his suburbia experience into The Simpsons. Once standing for the utopia of a peaceful life, it has become the site of a zombie apocalypse (witness the comedy film…

Mozart Frenzy in Vienna 2006

Vienna News “Everything stays better (Alles bleibt besser),” promises the current chancellor who is running for his third term in the national election this October – A fitting slogan for the Austrian angst of anything that might change and an illustration for something that has changed, albeit in a frog-in-a-slowly-heated-up-pot manner, especially concerning art. In the meanwhile, on Tuchlauben, Vienna’s…